new to BYC, new to owning chickens...just new...

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Sep 4, 2013
I have a post up about identifying my birds, sex and maybe even breed. I realized that i haven't even said Hi yet. I live about 30 mins outside of San Diego, in the mountains. moved here a few years ago and decided to utilize some of the ample space we have, some of the chickens were here when i got here and a few unfortunately got coyoteed. and were not really getting the attention they deserved. So i took over the chicken raising and added a few more to the flock.

Here's a few pics of my flock, I am very new to this but doing my best. BYC has been a great source of info decided its time i join the BYC flock.
The CooP!

this is Pikachicken. an easter egger.

Lady bird. dont know breed unfortunatly.but a great egg layer as well.
The new kids. Nugget up front I am not sure of his sex. my other thread is about that.

WOO! fruits of my labors...well not fruits..and not really MY labors...

Its a pleasure to be on this site and i look forward to learning from all of you Chicken Veterans.


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Sep 27, 2012
Welcome to BYC! Glad you joined us!

drumstick diva

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Out to pasture
did you post photos of: " What gender or breed is this," Please check out forums on predators and coop/runs to see how you prevent some predator wipe outs. One thing that is very important is to use 1/2" hardware cloth in place of chicken wire. Chicken wire only keeps chickens in, it doesn't keep predators out, they can slice thru it like butter.


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Sep 4, 2013
I am new to BYC, and have a flock of one white chinese gander, one mama brown african goose (with six eggs in her nest), one buff duckhen (with 5 eggs in her nest), and a mottled gray and white daddy duck. Mixed Buff Orpington and brown leghorn chicken, 2 easter eggers, plymouth barred rock, and brown leghorn (all hens.) Two midget white turkeys, and 2 lavender guineas, 2 white guineas, 2 pearl guineas, and 2 pied guineas. 5 black sexlink roosters, a pair of golden laced polish tophats (boy and girl), one bantam dark cornish hen...and a wish list of about 16 more I want...

Having a blast with my little flock!

THanks for the opportunity to join the group


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