New to BYC, New to raising chickens.

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May 24, 2011
I just want to say hello, I just became a member here, not to say it is my first time on the site.

First off I would like to thank the people in charge here, for having a site like this that allows the novice chicken owner can get help; I also bought the "raising chickens for dummies" and read it cover to cover before I got my chickens. (yeah im a geek)

Last tuesday I got my first two chickens (6months old); nugget and pouic pouic. And to tell you the truth I'm loving it! I already have them eating out of my hand, and they have given us each an egg a day, which they nicely left in their nesting box, the trick with putting a smal rock first worked great!

I have one brown and one black , but if you asked me the breed I couldnt tell you, I'll try and get some pictures on so I can get some help with that.
I also broke the main rule when buying a chicken, I spent very little time inspecting my two girls before i took them home because i got stressed when the farmer told me to grab the chickens myself, so needles to say a guy who has never even held a chicken before, it was a bit of a gong show; and very funny for my wife; watching me running around like a chicken with its head, Ah......(well you know what it mean).
When i put them in their coop i noticed pouic pouic ( the black one) had her feathers peck at and a sore on her middle toe, i have been checking quite a bit to see if it healing properly, which it is, would it be silly if i put a bit of antibiotic on it? or because it has started to heal already it is not needed....

Is it ture you can train chickens?
does any one have tips on how to get their dog to stop staring through the fench and drooling? (she's a golden retriever named Lady bird, and she Loves hunting anything that moves)
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Welcome to the forum. Glad you joined. I think if you are worried about your chicken's sore you can put a little antibiotic ointment on it. Nothing wrong with being careful.
As for the dog.....all I can say is be careful. Both of my dogs ignore the chickens, but I still wouldn't leave them alone together. Better safe than sorry. Have fun with your new girls.
I love those chicken names. I know what you mean about meaning to put so much effort into health checks and picking out the Very Best Chickens Ever. I was carefully inspecting each chick I was considering buying, and the ranch-hand-man kept lecturing me on how livestock has a certain mortality rate and was I sure I wanted to keep livestock... but then again, I was talking to the chicks in a baby voice and asking who wanted to come home with me, so I'm sure I looked crazy.

Anyways, I look forward to seeing you around the site

Happy Chickens!
Hi! I'm new too! But dont have my chickens yet. I am thinking of starting with 2 also but a few people told me that I should get three.
I have 2 labs and am worried about the same thing as your golden. My chocolate lab is so docile and does not even chase black lab is a different story!
Do you have a picture of your coop?

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