New to BYC - Recently started raising Dorkings

SoCal Dorkings

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8 Years
Aug 23, 2011
Southern California
Hi all

I finally broke down and registered for a BYC membership.

I have 4 pet hens (2 BR, 2 White Cochin), and 18 Dorkings (7 cockerels, 11 pullets) as my Heritage Breed project, and eggs coming from GA & TX as soon as we have a break in the heat. I also have 6 adult Guineas (1pr white, 1 royal purple, 3 jumbo pied), and I just incubator hatched 7 blue guinea eggs. Gifted 2 to a good home, still have 5

I am always interested in buying or trading unrelated Dorking hatching eggs, and I am located in the Southern end of California.

If you have, or have had Dorkings, please PM me, I would love to chat.

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