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Jul 22, 2016
Saint James Missouri
Hello my name is Bryan. I am from mid-Missouri and am new to raising chickens. I have followed this page and have learned quite a bit from the threads so I wanted to join and learn more. Thank all of you for everything and I look forward to learning a lot more!!!!
Hi :welcome Bryan

Glad you could join us here! Great to hear you have found BYC so helpful :D Do you have chickens or other poultry at the moment? Be sure to ask any questions that you may have, everyone here to help and very friendly.

Enjoy your time here on BYC :frow
Yes I have 10 young chickens about 4 months old. I think they are Production Reds or Rhode Island Reds. I put a thread with pictures asking and that's what some of the members told me they were.

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