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Dec 23, 2020
Hey folks we are new to your forum and have 8 fun little chickens in our yard that produce eggs for the family and take care of the extra food that the dogs don't get. One of our little gals has a bad leg & I am hoping you folks have some advise on this.


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I hope you're getting some good info on how to help your girl with her leg. I'm pretty good at asking those kinds of questions, but less good at answering; luckily, there's one vet in the area who knows something about chickens when I panic.

But, I'm not too bad at welcoming people to BYC. It has literally saved the lives of a few of my birds, and the members provide a lot of support, empathy and down right fun stuff! So, welcome to you and your flock. You've picked a great place to roost!

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