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May 16, 2012
Carroll County, Maryland
Hi, my sister and I have been raising show rabbits for the past 20yrs, we got chickens 2 years ago after our dad brought home 24 chicks to his house and we were bitten by the chicken bug :), we now have a mixed flock of silkies, OEGB, hatchery stck and a std cochin rooster, we also have 1 muscovey drake "Lucky" and 2 pekins a drake and hen. currently we have couturnix eggs in the incubator and guinea keets and tetra tints still under heat lamps. we also have 3 dogs Gunther a black lab, Isabelle a boxer and the baby Percy a 18mth old Great dane who thinks the chickens are his best friends, he loves them soo much more than they love him lol.

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