New to BYC


7 Years
May 30, 2012
Hi, I am so excited to finely be a member. I have already learned so much from all you guys already. I am new to the chicken world. In March my husband and I bought 10 what we were told was RIR and now someone else has informed us they are Comets from Tractor Supply. Last month we also purchased 4 silkie chickens. I am absolutely loving being a chicken owner.
Welcome!! This site is fabulous isn't it? I never thought chickens would be my thing and here i am loving em!!! Glad you've joined us!
Welcome - welcome - welcome to BYC. I too am new to chickens with my first flock of 8 that came together in May (5 from a local farm and 3 more from a friend who just started hatching chicks) Although I love having the little fuzzy/feather butts in the house they are getting a bit much to take outside to their coop/run for "field trips" on nice days then hauling them back in the house at night until they are feathered enough to stay full time out there.

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