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6 Years
Aug 26, 2013
Just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself here on BYC. We did not intend to have chickens, but, sometimes a grandchild works their magic on a grandparent. My sisters granddaughter's science class were hatching chickens as part of a class project, and she ended up getting picked by the teacher to take a chick home (All of the other chicks are no longer alive I am sad to say) . After her mom told her NO WAY, MeMe said she could have it and so on good friday MeMe and aunt Cookie as they call her went to the school to pick up a little black chick. She named the chick Peep, because the chicked peeped incessantly. So MeMe and I, I am her great-uncle, decided peep needed some friends. So, the next day off to the feed store to buy it some friends, Golden Sex Link chicks is what we bought. We could never figure out what breed Peep was until today as i was looking at the different breeds here on BYC. Looks like Peep is a Silkichin. She is sweet as are the other three girls, named Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia, after all they are Golden Girls, I already had a dog named Blanche named after the same on the show. The girls love me, as I am the one that takes care of them now that they are out in their chicken condo. Peep was our first to lay, been laying almost a month now. Two of the other girls are laying also. Have to coax the other into laying I guess. Well not to bore you good folks, I want to say again hi to other BYC'ERS.

:welcome and good luck with your poultry adventure :frow Glad your hens are bonding well with you. Great naming system, I still occasionally watch that show when I see it. Such good humor. :)
if you mean oldies king Re: hits of the 60s and 70's - I must be oldies queen
Thank you all. Sorry I don't get on my computer too much, so sorry for the delayed response. Still having a fascinating time with these girls. Again thank you all for the warm welcome.

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