New to chicken keeping and the heart ache that goes with it.


7 Years
Oct 22, 2012

My husband and I just started keeping hens. We've had our girls for about 6 months. I'll tell you it is more difficult than I expected. It isn't the cleanup or work associated with it, it is how attached you get to them so when they get hurt is is really tough to deal with. Sadly on Saturday at about 3:30am we woke up to cries of help from our hens because a raccoon had gotten into the coop. When we got out there we found one of our girls on the ground still alive but hurt, looks like it was trying to bite her head off :`(

So for the last two plus days we've had her inside the house, we've been putting neosporin on her eyes which were hurt and I think the beast squeezed her crop enough for her to regurgitate fluids which became hard and crusted. She's been having difficulty breathing so we have been trying to soften up the crusty stuff to remove it. She also isn't eating or drinking so we have been trying to give her a little bit of fluids with an oral syringe. Of course all of this is torture to her, I don't want her to die though. Today I noticed that her crop is hard so we are going to try to give her a bit of olive oil and she is now acting like she is egg bound which is not surprising, I just hope the egg didn't break.

If anybody has any suggestions for me on how to care for my poor girl please let me know.

She's still standing and walking a bit and moves hear head around when she hears me speak to her.

Sorry to hear this. The only thing I can do for you though is to keep this at the top of the page. Hope you get some good advice and results.
Welcome to BYC. Sorry about you girl. Sounds like you are doing the right things though. Keep it up, and I hope she gets better.
Hello YSDS. Welcome to BYC from Kentucky. How was the coon able to get inside the coop? So sorry hearing this has happened. Try posting your question in the Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures section of BYC. The ones who post there will be able to help by offering you the very best in advice. Wishing your girl a very speedy recovery!

I'm so sorry to hear about the predator attack.

Keeping chickens is not for the faint of heart, and its impossible not to grow attached to them. Definitely post your situation under the Emergencies section, and you will most certainly get some helpful replies. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your girl!

Keep us posted on her recovery and
from washington state glad you joined us!

So sorry to hear about your hen... chickens are tough little creatures. Keep trying and there is a lot of helpful advice on here.
I'm so sorry :( Be sure to fix your coop - that raccoon will be back and I want to make sure the rest of your girls are safe. If you need tips of predator proofing let us know.

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