New to chicken raising


Aug 14, 2019
Ojo Feliz, NM
Hi Everyone!

My wife and I bought a small chicken coop from Tractor Supply thinking we’re only going to have 8 chickens or so. We kept adding to our flock, so I purchased a large coop that was advertised locally. At this time, we have 7 hens and 16 chicks. We have: Rhode Island Red, Light Brahma, Jersey Giant, Buff Orpington, white Leghorn, Java, Americauna, black and gold laced Wyandotte, Cornish Rock, Barred Rock, Crested Polish, Dominique and others. We have a Red Heeler mix and two cats. All our animals are female. The dog and one of the cats love watching the chickens and will round them up when I want them back in their yard. My dog will deny this, but I’ve seen her sleeping behind the coop (in the shade) with a R.I. red snuggled up to her sleeping. My cats do not bother them.
I still keep an eye on mine, but sounds like your dog will be guarding them for ya. My chickens use my 3 labs ,which are usually bird dogs but they are were given task of protecting them when I started and main dog is a lab/Australian shepherd so took more after working dog class and is the boss so just kept reinforcing they are to be protected and he makes the other 2 behave, taking a nap out in the yard as perches lol

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