New to chickens and already addicted!


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Jun 14, 2009
I have a new flock, have had them just a few weeks, and am already addicted to the whole "chicken thing". I could just sit and watch them all day. My dishes and laundry piles are overflowing- and I find myself watching them sleep!! I have learned so much from this site, and know I have lots more knowledge to aquire. Looking forward to this adventure!
Glad to have you here! Yes, so true,vary addictive !
That's the way it happened to me too! I'm having a blast in my new hobby, and friends who have raised poultry for years have been a great help - I'm finding out tons about chickens.
I am already scoping out a few leads on some breeds I'm interested in.
Do you all build a new coop when you add to your flock, or just enlarge the ones you have? Right now they're in a horse water trough with a large dog kennel placed inside to lock them up at night (away from our dog) in our sunroom. I'd turn the sunroom into a coop if I could so they could be close, but I think the health dept. would have an issue. ha ha. They're just so darn cute, I had no idea! We have a large fenced area around and under our deck. I plan to get a wooden playhouse and turn it into a coop and fence a run around it. We live in the mountains, so by the time they're outside they'll be triple fenced from the mountain lions and bears.(as well as all the reg. predators, including one of our dogs) I'll have to set up an area for me as well so I can have my morning coffee with them.

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