New to chickens and I need help with the feeding situation

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    Apr 17, 2012
    Hello, I just got my chickens! (They were my birthday present) I have never had chickens before and I have a question for you experts out there. My flock is made up of
    A white leghorn who is over a year old, don't know how old exactly,
    A Black frizzle, who is 9-10 mo
    A leghorn that is mixed something also around 9-10 mo
    My favorite so far, A cuckoo maran, who is 12 weeks. (she follows me around)
    All these ages are what the person I bought them from told me

    I know at least 2 of these birds are laying and when I went to buy food. I got the layer food.
    Now that I've done some more research, I know I need to get some grower feed for the younger chicken, the feed store didn't have it in stock and the other one only sold it in 50 lb bags (yikes).

    I should be able to get a smaller bag of grower feed by the end of the week, will the younger one be ok eating the layer stuff until I can get the grower feed?

    I'm feeling a little overwhelmed to be honest and I would love a little guidance. Thanks[​IMG]

    Here's a picture of the girls.

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    Sep 4, 2008
    I'd say it should be okay. Some people say the extra calcium is not so good for the younger ones, but our chicks started eating layer feed from about 3 months old. They wouldn't touch their chick crumbles when the older chickens were having their layer food too. :

    Oh, and forgetting my manners here... :welcome and happy birthday!
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