New to chickens and jumping in head first


5 Years
Jun 11, 2017
We had been talking about the possibility of getting chickens for a year or so when out of the blue my husband started building the coop and run. I decided we should should probably start with maybe 4 or 5 pullets but then one thing led to another and we have 12! 5 Blue Wyandotte bantams, 4 ISA Browns, 2 Easter Eggers and 1 Barred Rock. At least our coop and run are large. The run is 12'x17'x9' thanks to a cement foundation that was already in the back yard from the previous owner's greenhouse and the coop is 64 sq.ft. L shape made from multiple 4'x8' plywood boards. We still have a few things to finish up on it and then add the toys and other fun things for them. Still not sure what to use as a substrate in the run because its just dirt at the moment but I figure thats going to get pretty gross pretty quick once they move out there. So much to learn still but I LOVE this site and have referenced it for many questions I've had I decided I might as well sign up so I have someplace to show off my cuties. Of course my human children are now getting into trouble so I'll have to post some pictures later.
Hi! :frow Welcome to BYC. Sounds like you got a lot on your hands. For the run i use pine shavings and only of course i turn the shavings every other day or two which helps a lot. I've heard that using sand is good too, easy to clean if you have a kitty litter scoop, it also provides dust baths for them, the only problem with using sand is that when it gets wet in the winter that kinda gets anoying. Straw i dont use anymore mostly because it gets pretty messy pretty fast. If you do use shavings do NOT use Ceder chips, for this is very bad your your birds
I know I'm going to do the deep litter method for in the coop but I thought some good winds would just blow the shavings everywhere if they were in the run and what would happen if it rained? I'm still on the fence about sand. I've heard good and bad of course but is it natural enough for them to dig around and find bugs like they would normally do? I'm going to be making them a bunch of toys and things to keep them busy but still. These pictures go backwards but part of that is because its so hard to take pictures of them now since they never sit still. :wee Got to love them.
IMG_20170612_170555178.jpg Their door minus the ramp. IMG_20170612_170525644.jpg IMG_20170612_170423206.jpg Their floor looks pretty good even though we'll never see it IMG_20170604_212053321.jpg Sassy, Pebbles and Dandelion trying to sneak a snack IMG_20170531_090815046.jpg Our temporary brooder
IMG_20170524_201159729.jpg Gerty and Sassy reading with my girls
IMG_20170523_184511397.jpg Baby Dandelion
Deep litter in a run is more than just shavings, it's all types of organic matter. I use grass clippings, pulled weeds, hay, and fall leaves, it turns into light fluffy organic matter that encourages beneficial bugs and the soil stays well drained and odor free.

Your chicks are cute.

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