New to chickens, new to BYC...from El Paso


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Oct 13, 2012
El Paso, TX
I'm not sure I can count my 2 RIRs + 1 x naughty puppy as my little urban farm but that's how I feel about it! My husband and I are in the army and we long for the day when we have more land, but until then we love our two hens, meek Henny Penny and bold The Rooster who surprised us all when "he" became a faithful egg factory a few weeks ago. I got these girls as pullets from a lovely farm in Mesilla, NM in late May. Naughty Puppy and I compete to see who can find the egg the fastest each morning, a silly ritual for sure but I love keeping my hens happy and am very thankful for their hard egg work. Well, lazy Henny Penny (not a single egg yet as compared to the rooster with 6 a week!) really needs to step up but she's a great gal and perhaps the wiser of the two. The girls sleep in a wooden hutch and lay in a covered cat tray that's filled with wood chips. It keeps our backyard from becoming too ridiculous, but the girls have the run of it all, and they pace the 7' stone fence we all have separating our backyards here in El Paso and taunt the dog endlessly but it's a happy backyard with a tolerable tenuous peace between poultry and pup. I am happy to be a part of BYC and love sharing in the joy of a first egg across the interwebs and watching our flocks grow together though of course miles apart. Cheers, Mags, silent partner Dan, Nugget (pup), H'y-P'y and The Roo.


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