new to chickens! please help...was told this was a french wheaten rooster when i bought i


6 Years
Apr 6, 2013
. Sorry...trying to figure this posting all out...this is a head shot...sorry he is in cage. Just got him and wasn't expecting building a new coop and run. I don't want him mixed in with my others...This boy is huge and don't want him hurting hampshire
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I have tried posting this under breeds but will not let me upload pics now. Ugh! Wondering if he isn't a Birchen maybe...or a beautiful
Thank you sooo much! I have such a headache from all the researching! u think maybe an americauna or easter egger?
Thank you bunches! such friendly people! So funny this rooster. Daughter says he looks like a big fat cat..hubby says werewolf! Bahahahah! Wish I knew what he was...thinkin ee.....I have a hen and they look pretty good together. Lol

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