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8 Years
May 25, 2011
I am new to raising chickens and have recenlty acquired two hens (sisters) and one rooster from a friend who also raises chickens. While I feel that my chickens are happy and healthy, my rooster is very timid with the sisters. He doesn't seem to assert himself and as a result, the sisters chase him around a bit. He was an adopted rooster by my friend who already had a rooster in her flock so my guy was never the "rooster" of the flock. He was the "rooster" in the flock that he was adopted out of. How do I help my rooster to find his authority?
Pride is something that every rooster has within himself. But some of them will never outwardly show it if others are getting in the way. Your roo is 'henpecked'. The girls are telling HIM who runs the show around those parts. In my opinion, if he isn't being injured or seems in obvious distress/trouble, leave him be. Let nature take it's course. If he does get injured and severely draws blood, you must take him away, right away, until he heals.

If he is young, his natural hormones may not have 'kicked in' yet. That can change. And even regardless of age, he may not be big enough for his spurs yet (so to speak). I can tell you this much: if most of my roosters let the girls beat the snot out of them, they probably would have been much nicer and friendlier roosters to people. My best boys have always been lower ranking.

Thank you for your replies. I can tell you that my Bennie is so sweet! Tonight for the first time since I've had him, I got to snuggle him. Yep, I like to snuggle my little chickens! Thanks for the advice. The two hens just chase him, they don't peck him or anything. And.... they only chase him sometimes. I have noticed that as of two nights ago, he moved off of the top roost and moved down to the next highest roost. After our snuggle tonight I put him up on the top roost with the girls and they actually moved closer to him and roosted with him. I don't know how old Bennie is and since he was a rescue rooster, my friend who gave him to me doesn't know either. I'll just have to make sure he's not in danger and in the meantime, I'll take your advice and love the fact that I have a snuggly rooster!!!

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