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Nov 6, 2012
we are new to chicken farming. we started our group with four chickens but sadly lost one on the first day to a hawk. we quickly got a top on our pen. the hens seem traumatized by the move to our home and the loss of our hen. we haven't gotten eggs yet. I have read about food sources, water, and light but am curious to know, what is a reasonable amount of time until i should be concerned about the hens? they have only been with us for a week.
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! Happy you joined us. How old are your chickens now and what breed are they? This makes a difference in when they begin to lay. Most breeds should be laying by 26 weeks - some well before. If they were already laying when you got them they just may need a little more time to settle into their new surroundings before they start back up with egg production. Best of luck to you!
we aren't sure of their age but were told they were laying. I think I am being impatient because I guess never realized there was such a "science" to chickens. Thanks for your response. It's nice to have some experts out there to help me in our new hobby!!
When you move to a new home/ takes time to adjust to a new routine....same with chickens. Make them happy....give them treats. Talk to the "bawk bawk" song ( I am not works)...sing back what they say to you and have treats in hand. Interaction with them may produce eggs. Get after season pumpkins and break them open for them....mega treat. good luck to you.
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Hope you get some eggs soon!

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