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    Mar 17, 2013
    I grew up in the country and my grandmother always had chickens and coop so that is the extent of my chicken knowledge.
    Now that a friend has been giving hubby farm fresh free range eggs he has decided its time to have our own.

    He came home today with 4 jumbo cornish rock, 6 rhode island reds, 4 australorps, 4 brahmas, 4 bantams.
    I knew about bantams from grandma, and quickly discovered online that the cornish are meat chickens not layers
    and found out those are the kind my mom raised for meat a few years ago. My son wanted the brahmas cause
    of the feathered feet. The australorp chicks look like penguins so my daughter in law picked them out.

    We have a concrete block building we are converting into the coop and plan on fencing it in so they won't be completely free
    range but not restricted to a small area either. The chicks are about a week old. As I am healing from a broken arm and
    with all of us working at various jobs I hope the conversion of shed and pen will be completed and the weather will allow for
    the chicks to be placed outside next weekend.
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    Mar 11, 2012
    good luck i hope you get every thing done ....[​IMG]

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