new to chickens


6 Years
Apr 17, 2013
Hello BYC. Frist want to says thanks for all the great threads has really made starting of our flock a lot easier. Well i personal never had a want to raise chickens. Until the wife decided that she wanted fresh eggs. so being the type of person to research things I found BYC. With her knowing I would look into it 2 days later the call came in that we were the proud owners of 6 red pullets from TSC. That was appox 2 1/2 months ago so now they are getting so big and in there coop now. And now im more into them then she is and also looking to get a few more brids to add im thinking Black jersery gaints if they can stand the Texas heat.

couple days after getting them.

and them in there new coop and run ( and yes i know it still needs work).
better pics of brids to follow at later time.

Thanks again BYC for making the starting of our flock a lot easier.
Greetings from Kansas, doorjam, and
! Great to have you with us! Glad you entered the Land of Poultry! I think Jersey Giants would be okay - even in Texas if they had plenty of cool water, breeze, and lots of shade. Good luck to you and have fun with your flock!

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