New to Chickens


6 Years
Apr 22, 2013
Im new t chicken care. I started late last fall when my neighbor gave us some of his hens. I have about a million and one questions about chicken care and have been on this site a ton of time and have ALWAYS come away well informed.
I just got my baby chicks about a week ago and I have 4 adult chickens. Im the kinda person that feels like a mother hen so I want to make sure my girls (and guy) are all well cared for and happy. I have gotten great advise off here. Thanks to every one who offers insight to the care of chickens. Its been wonderful to have some where to get reliable info.
Howdy from Kansas, chickymaggie, and
! Great to have you with us! BYC is a great place to get those questions answered! Search the forums and post in the one that seems to fit what you need to know. Good luck to you!
from New Mexico!

This is THE place to be for all those chicken questions. :)

Glad you could join and enjoy the forums!

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