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Apr 26, 2013
Hi everyone! I've dreamed of living on a small farm since I was little, and we're finally making those dreams (partially) come true! We moved last year from a busy suburb to a small town with an acre of land and planted some gardens and some fruit trees. We have 3 kids with #4 on the way and are loving our busy life!

We intended to buy laying hens, but when we stopped by the farm to put a deposit on the coop we want, we brought our kids and the guy gave them some baby easter eggers for free :) The coop is coming next week with an assortment of buff orpingtons, isa browns, and rhode island reds, and for now the babies spend the warm days (we're in Michigan and it has been a freezing spring!) out in the yard and their nights cozied up in their bin. We plan to have chickens both for eggs and for meat, teaching the kids to raise them, and collect and sell eggs. Looking forward to learning more about the chicken life and chatting with other chicken fans (my friends all think I'm crazy!).
chicks generally don't go out until fully feathered. If they are newly hatched they should be under a lamp indoors.
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