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May 13, 2015
Fayetteville, Tn
Hi! I just got into the chicken business and I have a few mixed girls, 2 golden grommets that I don't really like and 2 beautiful girls that I was told were cinnamon pharaohs. They are soooo sweet. My rooster is a silkie. Quite the little collection lol. I just absolutely love them though. I built a 20 by 20 pen complete with a top. I am so proud of it. I'm scared to let them out much because of the neighbor's dog. How do I know if I am giving them the right nutrition? The grommets and pharaohs are a year old I was told and they are laying but pretty inconsistently. The other 3 girls will lay in a couple months.
They are in a pen in the backyard. I let them out very little because a new neighbor can't figure out how to keep their dog put up. I also don't want them to eat my garden.
I am sorry but have no idea what a grommet is. If they are laying they should be on layer feed. - A bit of this and some of that ,etc isn't going to do much for ..

them '

Run a few strands of electric fencing around your pen and doggy will decide to visit someone else. If you are using just poultry wire, every critter in town can break through that and massacre your chickens. Please check out coops & predator sections of BYC, to see how you can protect your flock.

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