New to Duckling hatching and have a question about humidity and membrane


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Sep 9, 2019
New Jersey
I’m new to hatching and I want to know,

Is it ok to have a hatching duck egg to have an exposed membrane inside an incubator? It’s exposed in the zip form all around. The membrane dried out so I had to peel some shell away and moisten it up with a Q-Tip and warm water then put it back in. It’s still moving a lot and chirping often. Is this ok to do?

How do I keep the membrane from drying out without having the humidity so high? Someone on a forum said to wrap it on a wet warm cloth but won’t that keep the humidity too high? The egg has had an external pip for a little over 48 hours now. I did wrap it in a moist paper towel and the humidity keeps going to 99%. I have another egg in there on lockdown getting ready to hatch in a few days and I’m worried about it drowning from the 99% humidity from the other egg that I wrapped. How do I stop that from happening if I wrap it? Also, if I don’t wrap it, will that hurt the duckling from hatching? The membrane was also yellowish and right now some parts are white and some are yellow. The duckling is moving inside the membrane a lot currently. I have a picture I can share. Any answers are greatly appreciated!


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The duckling actually hatched this morning! I had to assist the duckling out then let the baby push the rest of the way out!


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