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After successfully raising Silkie chickens for over a husband agreed to ducks. We have only 2 right now because I was afraid of failing. My 2 babies are very happy in their warm water trough in the basement however, they can't stay there forever. We have a natural pond on the farm, very close to the chicken coop and I plan on building a "house" of some sort for Bender and Frye (aka the babies) in the next few weeks. What is the best type of structure for them? I have searched for examples but had little success. Any tips will be greatly appreciated. Oh, and the farmer I got my jewels from says that they are Buff Orpington ducks.
Um, Buff Orpingtons are chickens, no? Anyway, whatever you build it better be PREDATOR PROOF!

I thought with my mallards being in cages inside a garage was safe........they all got killed the same night by a mink.
If you love your ducks, spare no expense!
yes Buff orps are chickens, but there are Buff Orp. ducks too. Google them...I had to. I guess my biggest question is do I build another coop and run or can I just build shelter and let them roam some.
I saw these and I just started learning about ducks. lol
duh, people
It's possible to keep ducks with chickens, if the coop or shed is big enough with really good ventilation. The problem is that ducks are very messy, and poop near enough all the time. So if they're in a smallish coop with chickens, you're going to have to clean it more often.

They will need some sort of protection from predators. if they're not locked up then you run the risk of loosing them.
My coop is pretty big but I don't think it will be big enough for the chickens and the ducks...I have 13 Silkies and a Sizzle and a Frazzle. My coop is 6' by 8' and tall enough for me to stand up straight down the middle. I think I will just have to hubby build me another so that I can add to my flock
Yes there are buff Orpington ducks. It's a breed.

Anywho... the best duck book I ever read was "story's guide" by Holderread. He has some drawings and dementions for ducks in there.

I have a 4 x 8 house (for 3 ducks) with a attached and covered 8 x 8 run... part of the run is covered for shade throughout the day. Ducks suffer in direct sun. Mine free range whenever I'm home, which is nearly daily, as well....

Also, duck should never be forced to stay in wet conditions. So alot of people use sand or a wire floor. I use a natural floor (the ground) and just move it like a tractor. I made it where the run can quickly detach from the house and I can move it with help from one other person and put it back together in just about 5-10 minutes.

As for water... ducks don't NEED water, but they sure do love it. As long as the water can be cleaned and they can get in and out on their own any amount is ok. I have had baby pools to just livestock tubs and now that I'm getting more ducks to breed... I'm digging a pond.

I hope that helped. Go to Amazon and get Storey's Guide to raising ducks. It's a must have, I think.

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