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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by ihavechicks, Mar 5, 2014.

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    I am thinking about getting some ducks. I have been all over this website reading other posts so I kind of have an idea about them. I have a few questions though. I was going to use my chicken brooder box (Rubbermaid container) but I'm unsure of the waterer and feed situation. What do I use for these? I have baby chick feeder and waterer but from what I read these won't work. I've seen a bunch of options but what works the best? Any thoughts or suggestions would be great. Also, is there anything major that I need to know about baby ducks?
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    Best info we have read and then if you still have questions we'll be glad to help. and welcome to the world of ducks
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    Just be prepared, ducks are VERY messy and stinky, but totally worth it!

    I used a rubbermaid container for my 3 ducklings and it worked fine for about the first 2 weeks. I used puppy pads and changed them twice a day. Now I have them in the garage in a kiddie pool with pine shavings. Ducklings need deeper water so that they can stick their whole beak/face in to keep their nostrils clear. I use a small plastic container with a whole cut in the lid just big enough for their heads. If the water is not covered they WILL get into the container and spill it everywhere. Plus, they can get wet and chilled or even worse drown. You need to make sure that they get the extra vitamins that ducklings require. You can either feed them a food specifically for waterfowl, add 100-150mg (per gallon) PLAIN niacin to their water, or sprinkle brewers yeast on their food.

    Good luck with your ducklings, I love to see babies so post pictures!
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    X2, and good luck!

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