new to guineas, few questions


11 Years
Oct 13, 2008
port orchard,WA
okay i have been thinking about getting a few and reading about them. i have a large yard not even half an acer. is that to small i do have ducks also.
would it be mean of me to clip there wings?
with less land would i need to supply them feed also?
do you eat the eggs?
what do they tast like? i eat my duck eggs and love them

would it be best for me to wait until we move and get more land
My mom lives on over 20 acres and her guineas still range all the way to the neighbor's place. You would need to keep them in run and definately give them feed in a yard your size. As for wing clipping, we've never done it. We don't eat the eggs either but, if you like duck eggs, you might like them. Just keep in mind that guineas aren't nearly as tame as ducks and chickens can be. They're great for eating bugs though!
You'd definitely need to keep them in a run. The guineas would range far out of your yard.

As for clipping the wings I also have never done this.

They would need more feed, yes.

Yes in the early laying season we do eat the eggs. They mainly taste like chicken eggs, maybe a little more flavorful.

The guineas would be much happier being able to free-range and have lots of land, but it depends on why you want guineas. For bug control? Then you'd want them to free-range but if you do that were you live now then you may lose many of them within a short time. It depends I guess.

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