New to hatching chicks need info on what to do after they hatch


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Oct 29, 2012
New to this whole chicken thing. We built a coop this summer and we now have 12 fertile eggs in an incubator. What do I do with the chickens after they hatch? How long do they stay in the house? Where do I keep them? What do I feed them? Thank you for any and all information!
Have a brooder ready for them once you remove them from the incubator.
Check out the brooder thread for some useful ideas.
Buy your chick starter and have it ready.
You can use a heat lamp or something like an EcoGlow brooder to keep the chicks warm, but they will need to be kept warm.
Read all you can on the hatching chicks threads and enjoy!
Hi &
!!! Congrats on taking the plunge! Go to the Learning Center at the top of the page and it will answer all your questions. Also the Search Nav is Wonderful because you can pick a subject from the drop-down tab and type in a short question and it will bring up past threads related to your question. You will have hours of reading and tons of learning for everything related to chickens... and if you still have more questions the members are great here and always here to help out! Happy reading!
most important thing is the brooder and the temperature specifically. Always keep a thermometer keeping the temperature about 95 degrees the first week and 5 degrees less each wk. for a few wks. I leave them small chick food and water since the first day or two bc they take a few hrs to start eating eat.

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