New to hatching chicks please help!!!!! What should I Do


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May 16, 2015
This is my first time hatching chickens. 21 days had ended Thursday and out of 8 eggs 2 hatched. I removed the two hatched chicks once they were done drying off and now they're in the brooder. They were fine and healthy but the remaining six eggs in the incubator have yet to hatch. It's already 24 days but I still hear peeping coming from the eggs in the incubator. Could it be that there just late? I don't know what to do or how long I should keep them in there. The humidity and temperature are still perfect for hatching. Someone please tell me what I should do!

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It's very possible you have some late chicks in there, I've had a few chicks that have hatched that late myself. I would just give them another day or two.
Thank you for you reply. I definitely know they are peeping in there. There isn't even any pipping or cracks which is concerning me!

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