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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by EastinChickens, May 29, 2010.

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    Apr 4, 2010

    I thought it would be fun to hatch some ducklings, but I haven't done it before. The only thing I have hatched have been chickens... Anyway, I have a few questions about how to incubate duck eggs.

    1- What is the recommended temp? Humidity?
    2- How long is the incubation process? I think I heard around 30 days...
    3- What breed would you suggest if I were to mix them with my flock of chickens?

    Any and all imput is appriceated!!
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    Jan 17, 2010
    Wittmann, AZ
    We have runners, and rouens.

    1. runners days 1 thru 26 temp. 99.5 humidity 65% to 70%
    days 27 thru 29 temp. 97.0 humidity 80%
    We have had 3 hatches at these temps. & humidity & had 100% every time.
    2. Incubation time for runners is 28 1/2 days to 29 days. Different ducks different incubation periods
    3. We have all kinds of chickens, ducks, geese, & turkeys. Ducks we have rouens, crested, and runners. They all do just fine together!

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    You have to pick a breed that is going to be friendly, pretty, and a nice layer. That way, you get the pets you are looking for, yard candy, and they can give back to you for all you do for them. I have raised Blue and Black Sweds, Pekins, Rouens, Mallards, Muscovies, and a variety of mixes. My favorites, by far, are the muscovies. They are the friendliest breed, followed closely by the Blue Sweds, IMO. At first I hated scovies, and I thought they were very ugly. Once I got them however, I completly changed my tune.

    All breeds except muscovies incubate for about 28 days. They can take a few days longer, depending on all the factors put together. Muscovies incubate for 25 days. The temperature should be somewhere between 99 and 101 degrees. I gave a range because my Little Giant incubator is a still air, and will never hold a stable temp. I have been able to keep it in this range though, and it worked nicely.

    Humidity should be at least 65%, and it should be upped near the end of hatch.

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