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8 Years
Aug 28, 2011
Hello all. I am new to this forum but some of you may have encountered me on various other homesteading type forums. I am so happy to have found a place that is committed to being on topic and avoiding conflict-causing subjects!

I have raised dairy goats for most of my adult life; they are my first love. I now find myself in places where I can't have goats and also have developed an allergy to my beloved caprines. Maybe someday... I have had chickens before but wasn't really passionate about them (50 beady eyed, razor beaked RIR cockerels, can you blame me?). I have recently taken an interest in chickens and particularly in geese. Have had quite a few ducks and they're nice, but I don't personally like the eggs and I hated killing them.

I look forward to learning more about poultry.


8 Years
Jun 2, 2011
Snyder County, PA
from the Finger Lakes of New York! That is sad about the goats. We don't have dairy goats, just Pygmies, but we love them. As for the RIRs, our son calls them velociraptors! I guess you know how he feels about them.

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