NEW TO INCUBATING - why is the temp changing??

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by JLS, Jun 18, 2011.

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    I have a still-air Little Giant incubator with an automatic egg turner. For 1 week before starting any eggs I maintained 99.5F but when I put in 41 eggs (8:30pm last night) and warm water my temp went up to 101F over night! The incubator is in my basement where the temp is steady at 65F.

    I am confused! I know that it says do not touch the temp after the test run but I am trying to regulate the temp again. Why is the temp changing? Have the eggs been damaged by the increase in tempature over night?
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    It should not have damaged them. The LG incubators are very sensitive to temp change or drafts of any sort. Some people keep them in closets so that there is no chance of getting a draft. I believe with the still air the temp is supposed to be 100.5 so you are only a half a degree off from where you should be. I would keep an eye on it and see if it goes down on it's own and if you do adjust the temp you only have to move the nob a hair. It won't even feel like you are moving it when you move it but it will change the temp.
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    Another hint about still air incubators- Temperatures tend to fluctuate in different parts of the incubator. Up top can be as much as 1 degree warmer than the very bottom. I have my thermometer on a piece of wood that sits about as high as the eggs so I can see what the temp is where the eggs are.
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    there's no incubator that can keep superrrrrrrrrr precision in temp (except maybe such thing available in NASA or DOD)

    I've done two incubation and those two are happen in bad temp change both spike and too low, and there are still some survivors.

    It's easier with auto regulate incubator that can try to lower temp when it's too hot and increase temp when it's too cold. [​IMG]

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