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My family and I will be relocating from allentown pa to a rural area outside of winston-salem, nc. I don't have any chicks, supplies, nothing. I was wondering if there is anyone on this forum, that knows where I can get what I need. I want to raise chickens for eggs. we will be moving to nc on 3/20/08. Any help is greatly appreciated.
thank you mike
Are you wanting to start out with chicks or adults? If chicks, you can get chicks from Shook Poultry, It'll be about an hour west right off of I-40. I just got some today. That way you can get sexed chicks, without the worry of shipping. He does occasionally have pullets close to laying. Here's a link
Hi Mike, Join NCPoultry2 on yahoo groups. We can help you out there a bunch. There's LOTS of people around that area.

Oh yeah.. Roger Shook's is on our group too and once in a while gives us a heads up about deals he's got.
Glad to see ya on there!

I hope Roger doesn't mind, but he just posted his specials for today only on CL. Now I wish I could go up there today and next thursday!

Keep in mind, I think these specials are for today only, but check with Roger to be sure!

Here is the ad:
70 New Hampshire Red Straight Run Chicks .80 each

100 Light Brahma Straight Run Chicks .80 each

15 Gold Comet Pullet Chicks $1.25 each

35 Barred Rock Pullet Chicks $1.25 each

65 Brown Leghorn Pullet Chicks $1.25 each

50 Assorted Standard Cochin Pullet Chicks $1.50 each

110 White Pekin Straight Run Ducklings $1.75 each

*edited to remove phone number. Please PM this member for more information*
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I just picked up my first chickens at Shook Farmson Feb 29th. 3 Ameracunas, 3 Buff Orpingtons. 2 Barred Rocks and 2 Wyandottes. Great delivery - just as advertised. You can Google him. He's located in Claremont off I-40.

Southern States or Tractor Supply seem to be the most common supplier of chick goods although I would certainly check the local hardware stores too.

Good luck with your chickens and welcome to TarHeel country - home of some really good basketball! And remember - Friends don't let their friends go to Duke! :)
Did any one watch as UNC stomped Clemson today?
Clemson has always been the rival of the USC fighting Gamecocks so of course I don't like them when they play here either. The Tarheels beat Clemson. HAHAHAHAHAHA
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