New to Quail! Help please!


Apr 19, 2022
Just recently, I decided to take on the challenge of Quail! Lucky for us a nearby friend had a small flock of 10 adults, 1 male, 9 female, they offered for us to adopt them, but their more of rescues.
I've discovered that several have bumble foot, small cuts on their legs, or other issues with their toes and feet including missing nails, this I believe is from the cage they had been in for 2 YEARS, it was caked in poop and dust, and the space was very small, now we have them set up in a rabbit hutch we've converted into a better coop, its clean, has food and water, and a shelter for them.
We were informed that they no longer were laying eggs and needed some TLC to get them to lay again, so we've put them on a high protein game bird feed, and have oyster shell and grit set up aswell
I would love some tips and help for them, and how I can help the ones who do have bumble foot.
Other than that they seem so so excited to be able to experience sun and dirt for the first time ever, and be able to dust bath and eat something other than chicken scratch.

I'm already in love with them, and I'm hoping I can give them the best life possible :]
would be nice to see pics of your setup! Pics of the birds and the 'bumble foot' ones in particular.
Usually, the bumble foot needs to be cut open and the infection (core) cleaned out. Soaking in Epsom salt bath will help soften up the tissues/ infection to be cut out and will help with the healing process, too!

An antibacterial ointment, like Neosporan can be used on the wound.
Others, on here can probaly give you better advice, as I've only had to do it once, and it was on a duck.

You can also post in the ER section of this forum, you'll get lots more advice on how to treat the bumble foot.
Like @007Sean said, head to the ER section of the forums and you can find many posts about dealing with bumblefoot. Just make sure it is bumblefoot before proceeding with it.

The missing nails and toes is likely from mud/poop balls building on their toes and drying, then being removed. It's not pleasant.

They'll love the dust baths and if you can, provide them some hidey holes to chill out in. Assuming the quails have been together so long they'll probably be fine, but keep and eye as with only one male females can fight over wanting to be mated.

Best of luck to you, thank you for saving them!

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