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Some guy gave me around 25 quails for free. They are mix of many different breeds. But I was wondering do quails lay eggs in the winter or are they like chickens and don't? Also should I put a nesting box for them to lay or will they just lay on the ground in the cage I have them in? Also, what is the protein min they should be eating? I been giving them Purina Flock Raiser and they love that but it's expansive.. Any other brand I can feed them that's cheaper?
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Chicens and Quail (coturnix anyway) will lay year round, if they get 15 hours of light a day. (you might need a low wattage bulb for an extra few hours every night or morning).

You can feed them any undmedicated layer food for chickens or ducks.

They will lay on the floor of the cage, mine do.

For cheaper foods, call around. If your going to a farm supply, you mind find a co-op or feed store cheaper. I save few bags a bag.
Most birds will lay in the winter with extra daylight by adding a light. Its always better to have the light cut on a few hours before sunrise in the morning, rather than having it stay light after then sun goes down. As for the nestbox, some will lay in the next box and some will just lay on the ground; basically what it boils down to is the hen will do what she wants. Good luck with your quail

*I might add to, that I would recommend putting a nest box just in case they decide that they want to use it. It will result in cleaner and fewer broken eggs if they decide to use it. Better to have it and them not use than not to put it in and not know if they wouldve used it. In my experience, when the nest box is present, most birds out of instinct prefer to use it.

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