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May 24, 2020
Hi all,

I'm new to the chicken world and want to learn all I can before I purchase my chicks. I've done some research on the right housing and am particularly interested in the silkie bantams and other smaller more docile birds. I'm in Washington state and am looking to find how to purchase some chicks. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
Thank you!

Welcome to raising chicks. I started out years ago by incubating eggs that were donated to my classroom. I had a hodgepodge of breeds. I've also purchased a small town feed store. However I've not always gotten what I thought I wanted because of my own "newness' to the chicken raising at the time. It's definitely important to do your research. I recently adopted a new batch of chicks. One of which is a bantam. Other than the experience I don't have much to offer in advice for where to accrue them. Some farmers in your area may sell specific breeds. We have a gentleman in western NC that has chicks of all ages and multiple breeds he sells.
I will say that housing needs to be adequate. We researched and pondered over what to get and my hubby and I finally built our own coop. (My 85-year-old dad calls it a chicken mansion). We also built a run. Both are large enough for me to go into and sit or walk around. Basically a small shed. My coop is about 56 square feet and the run is 8.5 ft X 18.5 ft. It really depends on how many chicks you want. I wanted mine to have plenty of room to roost and run.
Best wishes on finding what you need.

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