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7 Years
Oct 21, 2012
I am in the Whitehouse area and am interested in raising chickens for fun and maybe to get some eggs or chicks. We have 5 acres, so have plenty of room for chickens to roam the yard without being penned all the time. I am wondering if I could put a purchased kit coop in an unused garage for the chickens to be put away in. I still have a lot to learn about raising chickens, but am thinking about asking my kids to assemble the coop for me for a Christmas gift. Thanks fo any advice.
Hi! Welcome to BYC from Kentucky. You could, but chickens can stir up a lot of dust plus your garage would get rather stinky if the coop is not well maintained and cleaned out almost daily. The garage however would be extra protection from night time predators. Your chickens will love all those 5 acres to free range upon. Any certain reason you don't want a coop outdoors?

Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

I think you would find chickens to be very dusty to keep in a garage - the chicks I raise each spring make a big mess just in the short time they are out there. A separate coop, with a secure run area to keep them in when you are away, would probably be a better idea.

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