New to raising chickens

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6 Years
Sep 14, 2013
Ok so I just bought my first chickens. I bought 9 red sex link hens. I then came across a white leghorn rooster I decided to buy so I could hatch some chicks as well. Does anyone here know what color the chicks will be from this cross? I'm assuming they will be good producers since both breeds of parents are?
Thaks in advance
I'm new too!!! I have 4 EE/OE that are 17 weeks old. We got 3 mid Aug when they were about 12 wk old. Lost one. Then added 2 more from the same batch on 9/8. Just got a pair of 7mo Buff Orps. Yup I was instantly hooked lol!!! But this is it...for now lol!!

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