New to Raising Chicks


6 Years
Apr 27, 2013
We just got 4 baby chicks from Ideal Hatchery. We have them in the brooder box with light on. 2 are 1 week old and 2 are 2 weeks old. When and how can I wean them off of the brooder light? Can I give them any "treats" besides their organic chick feed? When can I put then outside to start getting used to the outdoors? At what age to I change their feed and do you have suggestions for an organic feed?

for me, i put my chicks in the coop at the age of about 7 weeks and i only put the light on during the night. and of course you can give them treats, i tried giving mine yogurt but they kept on ignoring it lol. i put my chicks outside at 3 weeks. srry idk bout the feed

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