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May 4, 2015
We have had a small pond in our yard for a few years (manmade) we have kept small gold fish in. We are located in central texas in the subburbs, we have neighbors on 1 side and roads on 3, we have a relatively large privacy fenced in yard. We have been wanting to get a small duck pair possibly 2 females, or a male/female if better to mix gender, I have done my fair share of research but still looking for advise, we are just wanting pets maybe eggs, we were looking for possibly Ringed teal. Any suggestions as to a good breed for our situation.
Howdy neighbor.

Are you looking to make an enclosure around the pond or just occasionally give the ducks access to the pond?
We got two ducks in October. Our ducks seek out the ponds in our back field and stay close to them. They could run into our neighbors field with our chickens but the don't. I did clip their wings because they can scoot across our acre field in one swoop. They are too heavy to fly but they have still made it over our 5 ft fence. They free range with our chickens but don't go as far away from the coop as the chickens do.
It depends on the breed I am sure but we were lucky to get a breeding pair and they pal around together. 2 peas in a pod. We are very happy with our ducks. They are so fun to watch.
Kevin I am new to this so bear with me I think I commented wrong, We have a 1/4 acre with a 7' privacy fence in the back, I was hoping to let the wander with a coop for safety at night. If that doesn't work it wouldn't be hard to enclose the pond
This is where we stand right now, the pond will go in the middle with a coop to the left along the shed so it's out of direct sunlight that gets the most shade

That looks great for ducks!! My two would love it. What I have learned of ducks they r all great. I would get ducks that are cheap and close to you unless you are looking for specific traits.
Just like chicks I trained them with food to do what I want. I train mine with a red bucket to come in at night and go out in the morning. Chickens I know can see bright colors so we used red to train them to come to us by feeding from a red bin.
Maybe some others will post with ideas on breeds but my ducks would be in heaven with what I see in your pic. You will have to keep them in the coop for a few days to let them know that is their home ( just like with chicks) but they should love your place.
Thank you, it's a work in progress we have been getting some pretty nasty storms here in central texas so it's kinda on hold til it stops raining, but I wanted to do some research now while we were still constructing :)

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