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  1. Kl0v3daq

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    Mar 21, 2015
    Got these two this weekend.
    Told they were show line pullets.
    No i don't believe everything i hear lol.

    What color are they? They are not full white, they've got the creamy color on their backs/wings/legs.

    How do they look for silkies as far as being typey/conformationally?? I would love to show them if they are any good.

    I know they're dirty..been too cold to start cleaning them up just yet. These two plus my new serama chick are going to be pampered to the fullest :)

    They have five toes, black skin, the earlobe color they're supposed to have, big dark eyes, etc. Their feathers don't seem to be in the best shape, i wonder if they were kept in a really tiny cage or had other chicks pecking them. So excited to have these babies!

    [​IMG] ( this is the one we question if its a roo)[​IMG][​IMG]





    [​IMG] ( this is the smaller of the two)

  2. CrystalLuvsHens

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    Jun 11, 2015
    Just adopted a male and female white silkies. My Rhode Island Red is awful to them, any ideas?

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