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May 30, 2011
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Just acquired 21 new chickens from a friend. 3 red stars,1 bsl,4 barred rocks, 7 freedom rangers, and the rest I can’t quite seem to identify. 3 FR’s were roos and were introduced to my kitchen and some mojo marinate. (My city does not allow roos) These are my first chickens and are here for egg laying and ornamental purposes. I have a 6x6 dog kennel with a roof setup as a laying house and they have free range of my backyard. I now have chicken fever. I will posting pics soon and also have a couple I need help identifying.
I can't wait to see pictures!
Welcome to BYC! You can post pictures once you have reached 10 posts. So tell us a little about yourself. Why did you decide to get chickens?
Hi there!
Welcome from western Kentucky. So glad you could join us! Sounds like you have your hands full right out of the gate! I will say that you should probably start working on more roomy accommodations immediately; that will not be nearly enough room if you plan to keep all the chickens, even if they do freerange during the day. There's some great information regarding coops, runs, and keeping your flock safe on here; I'm sure you'll find it very helpful. Again, welcome to BYC! You'll find many friendly people, lots of valuable information, and goodnatured ribbing. Pull up a comfy chair and stay a while!
Welcome! I am new here too, and I know about catching chicken hubby says he thinks I am growing feathers!

Also, remember that there are LOTS AND LOTS of predators that will stop at nothing to get to chickens depending on where you live, they may vary, but almost every chicken owner will have to deal with / guard against the most common -- raccoons, oppossums, hawks, and owls. You'll probably want to find out what predators are common in your area, and plan your flock's "safe place" accordingly. Good luck with your venture!
Thanks all for the warm welcome. I've dived into the chickens head first as I am an animal lover and will also enjoy some eggs in the future. As for the 6x6, I have two more im working on seting up for them as well. Predators in my area tend to be opposum and racoons, however I have a bulldog mix in my yard who is inseparable from the flock and seems to be doing a decent job guarding her chickens. lol I will be researching other methods on this board to ensure healthy, happy and safe chickens. Once again, thanks to all for the welcome and I look foward to all the knowledge you all have to offer.

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