New to the chicken world!


6 Years
Sep 12, 2013
Hello everyone! I am new to the chicken world and I was recently given a pair of chickens. They are small in size so I know they are Bantam chickens. Not sure what kind or what exactly to far as when or how often they will lay. They are both very friendly and I love listening to them carry on. Any advice would be great!
Hope they're out of the box! Ha!

They love a wee house with straw to lay eggs on and a perch to sit on at night. Safely away at night from predators. Bantams are very good flyers too by the way especially because of their size, so you may need to clip their wings if you want them to stick around. Heaps on youtube on how to – easy.
Chooks lay when they feel safe and happy.

Good luck – enjoy

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