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Mar 16, 2018
Well we just jumped into the chicken community. have 6 rhode island reds about 3-4 weeks old. Putting up the coop this weekend. Love it so far. Any suggestions, tips, tricks appreciated.

I have heard pros and cons of having water in the coop and not out-but with being in northern IL, figured I will have to have on inside and running on a circulation pump to keep from freezing. any suggestions appreciated.

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Feb 28, 2017
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Jan 30, 2015
Hello and welcome to BYC. Similarly, I have no experience with keeping chickens in cold temperatures. I'd suggest using the search function for suggestions. These links may be interesting

Here’s a good link where you’ll find lots of information on almost every aspect of keeping chickens - from coop building ideas, to incubating eggs -

There’s a link on the page above to the Learning Centre - it’s a great resource. If you have a specific topic in mind, just type it in the search box - there's a wealth of information on past and present threads.

Each week, various topics are discussed, which can also be a great resource -

You can use this link to contact members in your area - Find Your State Thread

Best wishes

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Welcome to BYC! Great to have you here!

We don't have the long winter or the deep cold like you do. But when we get a couple of weeks in the 20s, I just break ice up a few times a day (I work from home, so I can do that during the day, too). And if I need to be gone for most of the day, I give them warm water before I go, to have it last longer.

But I expect that wouldn't work for a lot of people, because their water would freeze more quickly and they just wouldn't be around at all during the day.

You could probably make it work with a five gallon bucket with a stock tank heater (or a bird bath heater) and horizontal nipples screwed into the sides of the bucket.


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Welcome to backyard chickens!:frow Glad you joined the flock! Cold winters can usually be a problem when comes to supplying water for the chickens but I always detach my hose when water becomes frozen and makes it difficult to pump out. Although I rarely get those problems where I live. I sure hope you enjoy being in the BYC community! A lot of forums to post in articles to read etc.. Again, :welcome!

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