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  1. firemomma

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    Sep 6, 2011
    Hi. We have 3 roosters & 4 hens. I have to admit they are pets more than anything. Anyway - we moved and the people who bought our house wanted to keep some of our flock & our coop (which was just an old shed), so they have been living "free-range" (and in the doghouse - she's thrilled) all summer. Fall is coming on and I know we need to do something for them, but I never realized how $$ chicken coops are! Unfortunately, we can't find a used shed like we had before & don't have a lot of time to build (we are both capable, but we also both work 2 jobs & have kids...) ANYWAY - any ideas?!?!? They have always been free outside all day (even in the winters) and just in the coop to lay (when they aren't laying in the woods) and at night.
    I'd appreciate any advice (I am the novice - my husband has done this before).
  2. Iheartchicks<3:)

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    Aug 1, 2010
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    You could build a lean-to like structure... but it would be the safest,
    or you could look on craigslist for a Dog house type thing.
    3 roosters with 4 hens, isnt the best idea.. [​IMG]
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    Wow - you've been very lucky to be able to have three rooster with only 4 hens! Your roosters don't run your poor hens ragged???
    I'm sure you could build a very simple structure in a weekend - nothing fancy...a 4x8 (4s and 8s don't waste lumber) framed box with plywood thrown on for walls - a pop door for the chickens and a bigger access door in the rear for clean-out. [​IMG] Bet you could do that in a Sat./Sunday. When time permits, paint and add either metal or shingles on the roof (for durability)...
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    I started a thread called BYC member approved coop plans and books. Look for it further in the first couple of pages. It has a few links to coop plans and some books. I'm still looking for a good basic chicken tractor plan to add.
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    Sep 6, 2011
    Thanks for the replies!

    Teach - 1 of our roosters is 9+ years old. He just pretends to look at "the girls" but mostly just follows the rest of them around. I don't know about the other two!? LOL!

    mikec - thanks - I just found the plans page!

    I talked to a guy last night locally. what do you think about this idea... basically take a 4x4 pallet, make the floor solid, use 4 x 8 sheets of plywood for the walls, and then make a ramp/ladder to a 2nd platform about 1/2 way up. include bars for roosting above the 2nd floor platform. Add door(s) and window(s) and ventilation & a roof...

    I saw this doghouse online yesterday, and while it is larger and WAY more "engineered" than my chicks would need, it gave me the idea.


    What do you think?

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