New to the game!! First time chick owner.


Jul 21, 2021
Hi All!
I am Trish and this is my first time raising chicks. We just moved from San Diego, CA to Atoka, TN and getting chickens was a first on my list. We went to TSC (Hoover’s) last Saturday and got a half dozen sexed “colored egg layers”. I have been compulsively reading everything about as much as I can and while I am so excited and love playing with the girls, I am so worried they won’t all be girls. And I am so confused as to what they might be breed wise. There are four various shades of brown girls and two yellow/white. The brown one pictures is Cleo, the other three look like variations of her. One of the brown ones barely has a tail coming in. They are a little over a week old. The second one pictured is Fries. We think she may be a polish as she has a tuft of fluff on top of her head. ??? The second yellow one sitting on water is one that has me confused for sure. BB (Big Bird) we call her, she is the largest of them all, and has much bigger feet. (This concern it is male?) or perhaps a random chick? She is yellow with light tan and peppered looking spots coming on on tail and wings. Any thoughts and feedback would be great!


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Hello Trish, welcome to BackYard Chickens! :jumpy
Glad you joined our community. Everyone here is very kind and helpful :)

If you haven't already, post some pictures of your chickens here and we can ID them for you. Right now they're too young to sex.

I'm not the best at guessing breeds but the first two pics look like Easter Eggers to me

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