New to the site, excited for the feedback!


6 Years
Aug 5, 2016
Hello! My name is Christina and I have been raising chickens for a little over a year now. I first got two Rhode island reds when they were almost a year, sadly I just lost one a couple days ago. We just bought two young hens though, 4 months old! Super cute but nervous how my older hen will react. So I'm here for advice, for joining the girls together and my long haul on taking care of a bigger flock. Im hoping to have at least twelve hens by next year. Any suggestions I'm always open to! Thanks in advance and excited to learn new ideas and info!
welcome to byc! glad that you decided to join! when you introduce the girls, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. there might be some pecking and "bullying", but it's just in their nature. good luck!
I think the most gentle approach is the "Look but don't touch," method. If you put that in the search box it should pop up.
Welcome to BYC
Sorry to hear about your loss and best of luck with the integration.

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