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10 Years
Sep 23, 2009
Hi all. I am new to this site, but have raised chickens before. We gave our small flock away about 4 years ago because we had such a small yard and I was pregnant at the time and it was a hard pregnancy, so caring for the chickens had become a chore.
Well, now we have 5 acres and are raising a flock of 7 hens. Sadly we had an eighth hen that was eaten by some animal (I am thinking neighbor's annoying dog) after we moved them outside. We have since reinforced their "yard" and they all know to put themselves to bed at night.
They are about 17 weeks old. I can't remember, but when do they start to lay? I can't wait for my two youngest to experience that. My oldest loved going to see the eggs everyday and the fact that they were colored was even more thrilling! We used to get green, blue, and tan ones. Can't wait to see what this flock will surprise us with!
from WI. Most start laying between 18 and 24 weeks to my understanding. Depends on breed to an extend. My first egg was at 24 weeks from GLW, the others look ready (same age) but nothing fom them yet.....Your kids will love it!!!!

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