New to the whole "chicken thing"


10 Years
Jun 7, 2009
Mobile, Alabama
It started innocently enough; my step-daughter who lives with her mother wanted to incubate some eggs. I told her that if she could find a place to take the chickens when they were grown, we would help, we built a home made incubator out of an aquarium. A friend with a small flock gave us 14 eggs and said we could return the chickens after they had left the brooder. After a few weeks, only one chick hatched, Fred. Not surprisingly, my daughter decided that Fred could not leave and had to stay. Her mom agreed and now she is building a chicken coop to keep Fred and trying to hatch a second bunch of eggs so Fred will have a friend.

From helping her and reading all about chickens, I caught the bug too and decided to try the chicken thing myself. I have ordered 12 Plymouth Rock Eggs and an incubator - Genesis 1588 with an automatic egg turner. I havent' received them yet, but they are on the way.

This forum has been very helpful answering my questions (who knew that chickens could be so complicated!). Hopefully in a few weeks I can post pictures of my new chicks and a new chicken coop!
For the Freinds for Fred League - on day 7 of incubating our 2d batch of eggs -- 11 eggs and we see veins and movement in at least half of them. Chances are good....

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