New to the world of chickens


7 Years
Nov 15, 2012
Yorktown, VA
hello everyone.
My wife and I are about to inherit 7 hens and a rooster. We've never had chickens before so this will be a new experience for us. but we are looking forward to it. We are in the process of building the coop and should hopefully have the flock by the weekend. To be honest I dont what kind of hens we're getting yet. I just know the colors. 1 white, 2 black, 4 red hens, and 1 red/yellow,orange rooster. Also we dont know how old they are, at least 2 years old. I am excited that this site is out there and look foarward to reading and talking to the people on here.
Welcome to the BYC!
This is a great place for those just starting out with chickens and for seasoned veterans alike.
Welcome Dalever12! If you are like me when I started out, this site will become your guiding light! Welcome to the wonderful world of Chickens!

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