New to this Chicken family.. just introducing myself (Patty) Hope im in the right spot.

patty jones

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Aug 6, 2020
Welcome to Backyard Chickens This is great place to explore
this is your state thread may help finding another her size also
We were not sure she was going to hang around or if anyone would claim her. Caught us off guard. Think we will keep her solo a bit longer to be sure she is healthy etc too. Still trying to figure out a good plan (we dont have a coop & wont have one until end of yr or early spring. Shes in a huge dog kennel set up as a micro coop... in our shed! Not the best place but .. its the ONLY place. She seems content and went in there this evening voluntarily.


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Jul 23, 2018
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Hello, Patty, and welcome to BYC! :frow Glad you joined.
Have you named her yet? Looks like you've got your first chicken!
I'd keep working on getting everything ready and if she is still healthy after 30 days, keep her and consider getting one more adult chicken (which will also need to be quarantined before introducing to her) then get chicks in the spring. Congratulations!

Amy Brock

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Jun 9, 2020
Southern Maine
Nashville TN. We had been preparing for chickens early spring 2021. Cleared land which took most of the spring/summer. Slowed down due to heat. We had a recent visitor who must have been reading our minds. A chicken! Asked neighbors.. No one would claim her. We no nothing about her. Age? Breed? (although we have an idea on breed) She is as sweet as can be. This is day 3, set up a temporary home for her in our shed... and will do all we can to make her comfortable thru winter into spring. So I guess we became chicken parents... prematurely. LOL Here she is
Welome! I'm pretty new as well, but in the short 10ish weeks of being an emotional, uneducated about chickens..i have instantly received tons of help from members willing to go through questions and threads and whatnot to help anybody who is in need. I am certainly no chicken expert however I'm slowly becoming a very good chicken mama to my Five Little Angels. So welcome and have fun!

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